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A La Carte

We developed our A La Carte menu for brides that  know what floral items they need and aren't picky about what flowers are used.  We use premium blooms and focus on seasonal availability. We are able to offer the Designer's Choice floral options at a discounted rate because we have removed the need for communication between the buyer and the designer.  All of our designs will be carried out in our signature style, but you are able to enter your desired colors and any information you feel is important to communicate to the designer. From the website, you can choose exactly what you need for your wedding or  event. Simply add desired items to your cart and complete the check out process. All items can be picked up at our studio in downtown Jonesboro.

All orders must be placed at least 4 weeks prior to the wedding/event date.  We do have a minimum spend requirement of $500.




We do not offer delivery unless the order is over $2500.00.  The delivery total will be based on mileage with a minimum of $150.00.



If you need to cancel for whatever reason, you may do so four weeks prior to your event. All refunds will be subject to a $25 change order fee. No refunds will be given once the deadline has passed.



We do ask for color palette direction, but we cannot guarantee any specific blooms. If you love our style, we think you'll be thrilled with the freshest seasonal blooms that we pull for your arrangements.  If you are looking for larger scale, custom floral design - check out our Custom Floral Design option.



•Generations Floral Company is not responsible for the unpacking or setting up of any A La Carte wedding floral items.

• Due to the nature of working with live product, Generations Floral Company reserves the right to make floral substitutions as necessary.

•Please understand that we are working with a natural product that is subject to weather conditions and availability. The photos shown are a representation of how the arrangements will look but actual designs are dependent on the artistic interpretation of the designer.

•Generations Floral Company is not responsible for the condition of the flowers after they are delivered. We always make it our goal to make sure the blooms are at their best before they leave our shop. We include care instructions in your confirmation email to help our clients keep the arrangements in top condition.




Q: When should I place my A La Carte Order?


A: You can place your order anytime up until 4 weeks before your

wedding date!


Q Are you available on “X” date?


A: Most likely yes! We take A La Carte orders 7 days a week. In the

instance that we are booked for your date, we will make note of it

at checkout.


Q: Can I place my order for a Sunday or holiday?


A Yes! Deliveries are not always guaranteed on

floral holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day and will be 

dealt with on a case by case basis.


Q: Can I pick up my order?


A: Yes!  Our design studio is located in downtown Jonesboro at 325 S. Church St, Ste B (Rear Entry).  We are conveniently located right beside Centennial Park across from The Forum.  


Q: Can I pick up my order early?

We ALWAYS recommend picking up the day of the event for maximum

freshness. However, we understand that is not always possible. If

you need your florals early, we  can absolutely accommodate and recommend keeping them in a

cool place away from any direct heat source. Make sure to replenish

the water daily.


Q: Can I add to my order?


A: Yes, you may place as many orders as you need as long as it is

before our 4 week deadline. We will add subsequent orders to

your original.



Q: Can I customize my A La Carte Order?


A; Your customization component comes in the form of you supplying the colors you want represented in your florals.  You cannot choose specific blooms through the A La Carte offerings, but we would be happy to build you a custom floral proposal specific to your unique desires!


Q: What if I don’t want a big bouquet?


A; We would suggest that you choose the bridesmaid bouquet for a more

understated option!


Q: What do you recommend for an arbor?


A:  A floral spray or collection of floral sprays is what we always recommend for an arbor, arch, or pergola. Order as many as you would like to achieve the desired fullness and attach

via zip ties! We have an arch available for rent.

Q: Do you offer bulk flowers?


A:  Yes we do! Each collection include a small and large bulk bucket

option depending on your needs.

Q: What do people do with the bulk flowers?

A: Our bulk bucket options are perfect for those that want to DIY any portion of their wedding florals.  They are perfect for making bud vases, loose laid greenery or flower heads around candles/lanterns, cake flowers, detail shots for your photographer or videographer, making your own bouts or corsages, and anything else you could possibly imagine using flowers for!


Q: I don’t see “X” on the menu, do you have it available?


A:: We do our best to keep our menu simple without an overwhelming

amount of options. What you see online is all we have available

at this time. We are open to suggestions and if there is a large

enough demand for a certain item, we will add it!




Q: Can I cancel my A La Carte order?


A: You may cancel your order no later than 4 weeks before your

wedding date.

Q: Do you offer refunds?


A: We will give a full refund if the order is four weeks prior. Note that

you will be charged a $25 change order fee. No refunds will be

given after the four week deadline.


Q: Can I make changes to my flower order once it has been placed?


A: Yes changes can be made four weeks prior to the wedding date. You

will be charged a $25 change order fee each change request and

all subsequent requests.


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