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GenFloCo is a family affair from start to finish. Elizabeth and her husband Brandon are blessed to be able to juggle a very full life with their children Timber and Scout.  Liz reports, "When we aren't slinging flowers, we are enjoying the art of living.  We love deeply and laugh often.  We spend as much time together as possible and are some of the luckiest and happiest people you will ever encounter.  We live the good life on land that my husband grew up on, that his mother grew up on, that our children are growing up on.  We've got chickens and bees and we do sell eggs and if we ever decide that money is more valuable than honey, we'll sell honey too.  Bran and I enjoy cooking, listening to music, playing cards, and going on out of town dates!  Our kiddos both love going swimming, learning about dinosaurs, and eating ice cream. Heck, we all love ice cream! If you want to know anything else, just ask."

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