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Gorgeous greenery and floral spray to add to an arbor, cake wall, photo booth or anywhere that could use something special. The small is approximately 24” wide and the large is approximately 36" wide. Order multiples to cover as much of the structure as desired. You will be prompted to share your color palette and any relevant information you want us to have during the checkout process. 


Helpful hints: use the scale of the arbor to determine which size spray is most appropriate.  Smaller arbors (look for the photo with the dusty rose fabric) can handle the smaller spray(s).   If you want a full corner spray, it will take at least two sprays to achieve that look.  If it is a large arbor, you'll need three large sprays for a true full corner spray.  The most popular mix is two sprays in the corner and an off-set spray on the opposite post.


 Installation required.


Installation Instructions:


We will provide zip ties to attach the floral spray to an arbor or structure of your choice. Simply loop the zip ties through the anchor points on either side of the floral cage and then wrap around your arbor. A ladder may be required depending on the height of the arbor.

Designer's Choice Spray

PriceFrom $225.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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